NOMADIC GROUND is a community based progressive network of local  artists, poets journalists,  filmmakers, podcasters and photographers. We are funded by the sale of organic and responsibly-traded coffee. We are skilled coffee roasters and members of the SCAA roasters guild.

Essentially we are local news and arts, with an open source design for progressive people to start their own Nomadic Ground around the world.

Coffee: Nomadic Ground is CERTIFIED organic by CCOF and by Fair Trade USA, sold ONLY in locally-owned stores.  All our coffee is Kosher CERTIFIED.  We roast in West Berkeley and sell coffee to stores, cafes and restaurants throughout the bay area and beyond.

Pushcart Podcasts: A box made from recycled redwood is mounted on a stroller. We go for walks, unfold the box to a table, serve coffee and record the conversations as podcasts.

Poetry:  A poet is in every letter pressed bag of Nomadic Ground Coffee. The poem is wrapped up in the tin-tie of the biodegradable bag and does double duty as a seal. 

Local Journalism: We funnel profits back into the commonweal by funding reporters to report on issues relevant to our local community. Our current topic is homelessness.

 Cafes:  Poor peoples version of starbucks. Individually owned and operated nomadic cafes are sprouting up around the world.  

Bay Area Stores: restaurants and cafes are carrying Nomadic Ground. Nomadic Ground is ONLY sold in LOCALLY OWNED stores. 

Mostly, Nomadic Ground is about the end result of coffee - the conversation that happens over a great cup.

Coffee roasting and building a coffee brand....a micro business providing a legitimate source of income for people with few resources. Contact us, let's work together.